Litter-Robot III Open Air Features

  • Never Scoop Litter Again

    The patented sifting process automatically separates the waste from the clean litter.

  • Great for Multiple Cats

    The automatic cycle provides each cat a clean bed of litter after every visit.

  • Save Money

    Cleaned litter is reset after each use, reducing waste to soiled litter only.

  • Reduce Odor

    Waste is quickly deposited into a drawer with a carbon filter, reducing litter box odors.

  • Self-Cleaning

    A cleaning cycle will start automatically once your cat exits the unit. No need for your cat to wait, or use soiled litter.

  • Empty Notification

    A convenient blinking light will let you know when it’s time to empty the waste drawer, without having to open to check.

Benefits of the Litter-Robot

Embrace the automatic lifestyle with Litter-Robot III Open Air, and regain freedom to spend time with your cat, not your litter box.

  • No More Scooping

    The patented sifting process automatically removes waste from clean litter.

  • Clean Litter After Each Use

    After sifting, the clean litter is re-set for a fresh litter tray after each use, ready for the next visit

  • Standard Bags

    Designed to use standard extra large kitchen bags, and generic clumping clay litter (or suitable crystals), providing choice in ongoing basics.

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  • No More Open Litter Box

    Soiled litter is removed automatically and deposited into the sealed waste drawer. Odour, bacteria, dust and soiled waste are quickly and hygienically attended to, for a better environment for your family

  • Save Money

    Cleaned litter is reset after each use, reducing waste to soiled litter only. Litter becomes a top up, not throw out, and improves both environment and budget.

  • Well Built To Last

    Durable and easy to maintain design, including replacement parts if necessary, form a sound long term investment that saves in every way, every day, year after year.

Lets Get Technical

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Peace of Mind

90 Day Guarantee

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Try before you decide - Litter Robot comes with a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind to our New Zealand customers, if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the Litter Robot.

18 Month Warranty

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Subject to terms and conditions if your self Litter-Robot III open air does not perform according to the specifications during the warranty period, you are entitled to a repair or replacement!