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Life changing

  • By: Tory
Review for Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

I bought a Litter Robot earlier this year after seeing it in action at a cat show. I was pretty apprehensive about spending $1000 on a litter tray but this is so much more than a litter tray! I have 5 cats, so naturally, litter trays are the bane of my existence but the Litter Robot has ensured I never have to deal with that messy litter tray situation again. I absolutely recommend it for anyone who has multiple cats. I had a few issues at first working out the right type of litter to use but the people at Cat Evolution were so wonderful about helping me figure it out. After that, it was all smooth sailing. If you hate dealing with litter trays, this easy to use Litter Robot WILL change your life.