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Litter Robot III Open Air Ramp

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The Ramp provides an easy walk up entry for your cat and as a bonus, catches litter on the way out.

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Keep your cat happy and your home clean with the Litter-Robot Ramp. Provides an easy walk up entry for your cat and as a bonus, catches litter on the way out. Excellent addition for households with small or elderly cats. Designed to fit in front of the Open Air with your Litter-Robot’s existing black Step Mat.
Textured surface helps reduce litter tracking·
Non-slip rubber feet keep it in place·
Simple to install – no tools required·
Designed for use with Litter-Robot III Open Air
· Step Mat not included

What are the benefits of the Ramp?

The Ramp provides a gentle staircase for your cat to enter and exit the Litter-Robot III Open Air, while reducing litter tracking. Most cats hop onto the Step and into the Globe without any problem. For small cats or elderly cats, however, the Ramp makes the Litter-Robot III Open Air more accessible and easier to use.

The Ramp also helps reduce litter tracking by catching it on the way out. Instead of your cat’s first step being onto your floor, it is now on the Ramp, which has a textured surface to help remove litter from your cat’s paws. The raised lip around the perimeter of the Ramp catches tracked-out litter, so all you have to do is vacuum or wipe it up.

Lastly, the Ramp has rubber feet that help it grip smooth floors, giving your cat a stable walkway.

Is the Ramp difficult to install?

No, the Ramp is simple to install and does not require any tools. Simply remove the black rubber Step Mat on your Litter-Robot III Open Air to reveal a recessed mount for the Ramp. Place the narrow end of the Ramp on the Step, then place the Step Mat in the recess of the Ramp.

When the Ramp is installed, how do I access the Waste Drawer?

To access the Waste Drawer, just lift the Ramp off the Step and set it aside. Access the Waste Drawer like normal, then replace the Ramp on the Step.

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Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions59 × 52 × 11 cm

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